What I Cooked Last Night

Yesterday I felt like having an egg salad sandwich. So, I made mayonaise. Just for good measure I added some pressed garlic into the mayo. Then I realized I was going to have too much mayonaise. So I looked for other ways to use it. I found inspiration in Ratio to put citrusey mayo on fish. I bought some rainbow trout and zested some lemon into a bit of my mayonaise. I rinsed and dried the fish, put it on some foil and slathered it with mayonaise. (this is where I forgot to season the fish, I should have, before the mayo went on) This wasn’t gross, I promise. I broiled the fish until I could see the thickest parts were opaque and the mayo was blistering but not burnt. I moved the fish away from the broiler at one point to help prevent burning the mayonaise.

At the store I picked up some redskinned potatoes. I rinsed, cut and boiled them in salted water. Then I softened some scallions in clarified butter and tossed the potatoes in the hot pan.

Lastly, I cooked a minced shallot in plenty more clarified butter, added some sliced button mushrooms and salt, cooked most of the liquid out and then added some sliced bok choy. Into this I tossed some red pepper flakes to give it some spice. I didn’t add anything else to this and it was good, but it could have maybe used some lemon juice or a fresh herb to give it a more interesting flavor.

The fish with mayo was good. I wouldn’t have done this with store-bought mayonaise, but with homemade it didn’t have that heavy mouth feel that mayonaise sometimes has. The lemon flavor came out and was delicious.

I still haven’t had that egg salad. Maybe tonight.